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Wiley Street Station featured in short film "700 Volts"

February 16, 2015


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Though the station looks and feels real enough, the Wiley Street Station—the only station in the Idaho Subway System—is actually a movie set built by students and faculty of The Film School at NNU for a short film called "700 Volts," due out in April.

“We had a deeply emotional and relevant story to tell that happened to take place in a subway station,” said Dr. Arnold Ytreeide, chair of the film school. “There not being a lot of stations in Idaho, we decided to build one.”

It took over three months of long days and late nights to construct the station, which includes a functioning subway car. According to senior student and Production Designer Krista Olson, “The set we designed was so big we had to get a building permit and be inspected.”

The story of the film centers on an aging station attendant, an accident on the tracks and a boy who watches it all. “It’s really about a clash of cultures,” said student producer and senior Taylor Bickel, “the good and the bad of social media.”

The attendant is played by Rick Lopez, and the boy by Ethan Bass of Boise. Both are professional actors and are only two of the dozens of Idaho actors and extras who play in the film that took three months to shoot.

“When I first came here as a freshman, I had no idea of the sheer magnitude of what we could and would accomplish,” said freshman Nicole Geiger.  “We built a set and turned it into an entire world.”

The name “Wiley Street” was taken from the “Wiley Learning Center,” which is where the station was built deep underground on the campus of NNU. The public is invited to tour the station Thursday, February 19, from 4 to 6 p.m.

“It’s the only subway station in Idaho, and it won’t be here for long,” Ytreeide said, “so we wanted to give the campus and the community a chance to experience it.”

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