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Why it's great to go to the same college as your sibling

November 22, 2016


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This fall, freshman Kourtney Gwin had a head start on making NNU her home away from home. While it was a major transition coming to Idaho from Orangeville, California, she found that having her brother—Philip, a junior—on campus made a huge difference.

“I LOVE going to the same university as Philip,” explained Kourtney. “The best part of having a sibling on campus is simply having part of my family here; it seems a lot more like a second home since home is where family is.”

Besides having the comfort of having a family member near, she was surprised to find the various connections into the community she had simply because of her tie to her brother. Kourtney remarked, “I have made some really incredible friendships with some of Phillip’s friends, whom otherwise I may not even have met!”

Not only does Kourtney get to experience college with her sibling, she also competes on the same team and in the same event as him; both are pole-vaulters on NNU’s Track & Field team. This is less of an adjustment since they were on the same team in high school. “It’s nice to have my brother on the team because he knows my ‘pole vault’ journey and can tell me if I am reverting to some of the habits or mistakes I used to make when pole-vaulting in high school,” Kourtney shared.

Korte Zickefoose has had a similar experience with his older sister Alexandra on campus.

Besides having an inside scoop on various classes and a person who knows all his inside jokes, Korte has appreciated the support and community he receives from his sister. “My sister is always there for me when I need a sounding board on a life decision,” he remarked. “I also expanded my friend base because of her. She introduced me to lots of people and I immediately felt a connection to not just her, but also a whole host of other people around campus.”

In addition to seeing each other on campus, Korte and Alexandra get the unique opportunity to work together on SGA and witness each other’s enthusiasm for what they do.

“I find that I have grown closer to my sister as we have been at NNU,” commented Korte. “We have been able to talk about life directions and different ways our lives have been affected by being at NNU.”

Kourtney and Korte are just two of many students who have had a great experience sharing their college experience with their sibling.