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The freshman experience and the NNU community

October 27, 2015


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Life as a freshman can be tough. Leaving home, adjusting to new responsibilities and adapting to a new school system can translate to a first semester full of ups-and-downs. Here at NNU, the goal is to help students celebrate the positives and overcome the negatives. For freshman Caleb Druckhammer (Rio Linda, Calif.), the uplifting community he found at NNU has helped him to stay positive and excited despite a couple hiccups in his original plans.

As a dual sport athlete and a committed scholar, Caleb quickly experienced what late nights and early mornings are all about. It didn’t take very long before Caleb learned the importance of proper time management. “At first juggling sports and academics was difficult. But as the semester has continued, I’ve learned to manage my time and sleep better. I also learned to take every moment of down time to get some sort of work done and always be as productive as possible.”

"The best part of NNU so far has been the friends I’ve made and all the adventures I’ve been on."
Having originally planned to study Computer Science, Caleb decided to switch to Math Education. This was not an easy decision to make, as Caleb truly enjoyed the CS department, but decided he would rather pursue a career in education. “Dr. Myers has suggested the idea of minoring in CS which would allow me to teach it in schools. This is something I’m seriously considering,” says Caleb. Despite having a strong interest in computer science, Caleb wasted no time in adjusting to the math education courses. “The education department is great and has been my favorite so far; my field experience at South Middle School is amazing.”

When it comes to athletics, adversity was something Caleb had to face not long after the year started. “Soccer has been rough. About 1 to 2 weeks into the season I broke my foot, which has basically ended my season.” As difficult as it is not being able to participate, Caleb is taking it all in stride and continues to support his team. “It’s hard not being able to practice and be out on the field with my teammates, though the guys have been great and help to keep my spirits up. Watching the success of the team has helped me cope with being injured, as it’s been fun watching them go out every game and dominate teams.”

One of the constants throughout Caleb’s time here has been the uplifting community he finds himself surrounded by. “The best part of NNU so far has been the friends I’ve made and all the adventures I’ve been on. Both on and off campus, my experiences with friends are new and exciting every time.” It’s these experiences and relationships that help Caleb love life here at NNU. Through all this Caleb gives thanks to God for bringing him to NNU. “At first, I was feeling as if I did not make the right decision in coming here, but once everyone moved in I strongly believe that I made the right decision in following God’s call to come to NNU. He has blessed me so much here and can’t wait to see what else He brings my way.”