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Students creating solutions: James Lineman, Unilever

August 22, 2017


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Although there is nothing wrong with enjoying summer break by kicking back and relaxing, some students strive for success even outside of the classroom. NNU senior James Lineman had the incredible opportunity to work this summer at an internship at Unilever. “I would say NNU helped me get this competitive internship by providing me the framework for success,” he said. “The framework of problem solving and critical thinking that goes into case studies and projects is what I applied to the application process.”

As a marketing and business administration major, James got valuable experience in his preferred field that he would not have received otherwise. “I learned that business in and of itself is very fast moving and communication is essential, but people are always willing to help you,” he said.

James also had many opportunities to hone in on his marketing skills. He said, “I performed an assortment and risk analysis of krogers natural tea assortment, which I used to develop a recommendation assortment.” Then, he got to design, build, and execute a consumer behavior research study. “I had the opportunity to conduct the research myself by talking to the people and walking them through the aisle and asking them all the questions myself while someone else on my team took notes. I then presented my recommendation to Krogers Category Manager face-to-face at Krogers headquarters in Cincinnati.”

James is an active part of campus life here at NNU, and is involved in Enactus, Student Managed Fund, Journeys, and Accounting Club. He said being a part of different groups is a great way to stand out from other candidates for future jobs. “Companies these days want more than just college graduates,” he said. “They want someone who is diversified and has goals and ambitions beyond their standard job.”

When asked if he had any advice for students seeking internships, he recommended that students should apply to as many internships as possible and utilize professors and Amanda Marble to polish up resumes and interview skills. James continued, “Really do some research on companies that you would be interested in and learn about them and why you would want to work for them and go from there. That way, you will sound much more genuine.” James recently found out that he was offered a job at Unilever! He is excited to see what the future holds.