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Pursuing peace and justice around the globe

January 16, 2015


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As the university’s vision statement proclaims, “[NNU] seeks a more excellent way, to be a transformative learning community expressing the love of Jesus by forming scholars, nurturing disciples, serving the Church, shaping the culture, redeeming the world.” Randy Newcomb embodies this vision in his work with Humanity United. As president and CEO, Randy is making a difference by furthering peace and freedom around the world.

Randy came to NNU from Los Angeles in his 1963 VW bug to study Christian ministry. His decision to go to NNU was heavily influenced by retired missionary Mrs. Louise Robinson Chapman, who had advised Randy that NNU was one of the finest colleges to attend.

Early in his freshman year, Randy met Dr. Irving (Doc) Laird. Doc invited him to join his Covenant Group and be discipled along with other young men. This began a relationship that would heavily influence Randy’s future.

Randy remembers that time with fondness. “Those years together left lasting and enduring impressions. The instinct to seek honest and open relationships, the benefit of accountability and the understanding that we are better together are all values that have followed from those brief years.”

During Randy’s time in the Covenant Group, Doc took several students to San Francisco to minister to social needs in the community. For Randy and many of the other young men, this was the beginning of a life of service. Randy would later return there and serve for 14 years as the leader of a community development agency.

After graduating from NNU, Randy married Pamela (Belzer) and shortly thereafter left for Fuller Theological Seminary where he completed a Master of Arts degree. In his final year at Fuller, Randy was awarded a scholarship to pursue a Master of Science in development economics at the University of Bath in England.

In 1990 Randy and Pam returned to the U.S. and moved to San Francisco where he served as the executive director of Golden Gate Community, Inc. During that time he completed a Doctor of Education from the University of San Francisco. Following his work at Golden Gate Community, Inc., Randy served as vice president of Omidyar Foundation and Omidyar Network, the philanthropic investment firms founded by Pierre and Pam Omidyar. Pierre is the founder and chairman of eBay.

Currently Randy is president and CEO of Humanity United, also established by Pam Omidyar. Humanity United is one of the largest private donors in the field of international human rights where it funds efforts globally to achieve a more peaceful and less violent world. Under Randy’s leadership, Humanity United is making a profound difference in third world countries such as Darfur, Sudan and Liberia.

Doc remains in contact with Randy to this day and speaks with great love and excitement about him and all that he has accomplished. “It is a total joy to see Randy fulfilling his passion—placed in his heart when he was young—for ministering to those in need. Randy continues to have opportunities to serve and to pursue peace and seek justice globally. It’s been an amazing journey.”