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NNU Professors Co-Author Global Business Book

September 19, 2019


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NNU Business professors Sam Dunn and Joshua Jensen, along with Ron Galloway, NNU Business Faculty Emeriti, have co-authored a book entitled: Navigating Religious Diversity in the Global Business Environment. The book was released on August 7, 2019.

The book prepares business professionals to successfully engage within the diverse global business environment, which includes learning how to effectively interact with business professionals of different cultures and religious affiliations. It introduces readers to the four major world religions—Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism—and the culture and customs of the countries most influenced by each religion.

According to Jensen, “Our 21st century global business environment is more geographically and culturally diverse than ever. With the proliferation of technology worldwide, businesses throughout the world are now interconnected more than ever before, which means that the likelihood of us engaging in business with someone from a different culture or religion is extremely high.”

This book can be purchased on Amazon for $10.99 (paperback) or $4.99 (ebook). An audiobook version will be forthcoming.

Purchase the book.