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NNU Names Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke's Health Systems as Eugene Emerson Award Recipients

September 23, 2019


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On September 19, 2019, Northwest Nazarene University honored Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke’s Health Systems as the 2019 Eugene Emerson Award Recipients. Not only do both of these organizations play a key role in keeping Idaho residents healthy and living life to their fullest potential, but they have also both been instrumental partners for NNU and NNU’s College of Nursing.

The Eugene Emerson Award was established by Northwest Nazarene University in 1985 to acknowledge the spirit of cooperation that exists between the local community and the University. This award recognizes and honors individuals and organizations who are committed to partnering together to create a strong unity that exists for the betterment of the surrounding Boise Valley.

“NNU nursing students have benefitted from dedicated clinical and preceptorship space along with program and scholarship support from both organizations,” said Vice President for External Relations, Mark Wheeler. “Our nursing students have had the opportunity to learn directly from some of the Boise Valley’s very best caregivers and then to leave NNU uniquely equipped to care for the whole person.”

The partnership between NNU and St. Als and St. Luke’s has been key in helping the University establish its position as one of the most premier nurse-training universities in the state of Idaho.