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Meet incoming freshman Jessica Lund

August 16, 2015


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Northwest Nazarene University is currently preparing for another exciting school year, one that will include new leadership, a new quad, and most of all, a new freshman class. As New Student Orientation draws near, it’s time once again to highlight one of these incoming students, and for this student in particular, we didn’t have to look very far from campus to find her. A 2015 graduate of Timberline High School in Boise, Jessica Lund is bringing to NNU an amazing story.

During her senior year of high school, Jessica was able to accomplish something that not many students her age do. In October 2014, Jessica published her first novel titled “NeverSeen,” under her pen name, Taylor Hunter. The novel has received very good reviews from the Idaho Statesman and other readers. Timberline High School celebrated this event by keeping hard copies and eBooks in the school’s library for students to check out.

When it came time to finish up high school and think about college, Jessica already knew exactly what she was looking for. Although this talented young lady looked at eight different schools and was offered scholarships to all of them, she said, “NNU was set apart from the rest because of how close it was to home and how faith-based its values and curriculum are. I really want to start my college experience at a Christian campus, and NNU is everything I was looking for. I chose NNU because I want to go to a college where I can expand my faith as well as work toward the career I want to go into.”

The close-knit community of NNU also appealed to Jessica, who noted that, “The people here are really, really friendly! You can ask for anything, it could be any kind of silly question, but they’ll still answer it. It makes you feel like you’re equal with them.”

Interestingly enough, even though Jessica is already a published author and plans to continue writing novels, she is looking forward to majoring in engineering. “My passion for engineering comes from wanting to design things—buildings, machines, equipment, tools—and redesign already-existing things to make them work better and more efficiently. At first, my main focus was on robots since they’ve fascinated me for years. But I’m also interested in architecture, which is why I haven’t chosen the exact field of engineering to go into. In the long term, I will always be a writer. But as long as I can, I want to help design a sustainable future with green energy through engineering to keep the world clean for future generations,” she said.

When asked what she is the most excited for at NNU, Jessica replied, “Everything!” Jessica will undoubtedly help contribute to the NNU story this year and every year she is here. The campus community will be welcoming Jessica and all the incoming students to campus during New Student Orientation, this Friday, August 21.