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Mangum Mission Series features Monica Boseff

September 27, 2017


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Northwest Nazarene University invites the community to attend this year's Mangum Mission Series featuring Monica Boseff, recipient of the Trafficking in Persons Report Hero Award for her amazing work with the non-profit Open Door Foundation. The series will take place in the NNU Brandt Center at 10:10 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 27 and Friday, Sept. 29.

The Open Door Foundation aids and shelters victims of human trafficking, even partnering with the Starbucks Corporation and their program to provide jobs to exploited people. In 2012, Monica opened the first emergency shelter in Romania, which provides counseling, legal assistance, job training, and medical assistance mainly focused on victims of sex trafficking. Romania has little support for victims, which makes her work even more vital to this serious issue.

Our chaplains Dustin and Olivia Metcalf are excited to engage with students through this years’ Mangum Mission Series. “I believe Monica helps us to see that God calls us in unique ways and invites us into challenges that can change the world if we are obedient to Him,” Olivia said. “As we are studying the themes of Compass/Passion/Compassion this year, Monica will fit right in. She has allowed Christ to guide her, she has used her passions for the kingdom, and she lives a life of compassion! She will be an inspiration to our campus as God uses her presence among us.”

Monica will be speaking about human trafficking and kicking off several activities that will raise awareness for these serious issues. Chaplain Olivia, alongside the Sophomore Class Council, will be hosting a Walk For Freedom on October 14. In December, the campus will participate in Dressember, a campaign that raises money for organizations that work hard to rescue people from trafficking. There is also the possibility of a mission trip to Kenya to partner with an organization that helps trafficked women. “The dream would be to send a team to Romania to work alongside Monica,” Olivia said. “Not all dreams come true, but I keep on dreaming!”

Learn more about Monica’s work and the Open Door Foundation.

Thumbnail photo courtesy of TIP Report Heroes.