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How to survive dead week: 10 students share their secrets

November 30, 2015


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by Alex Reich, class of 2016

The end of November has arrived and with it comes chilly winds, falling leaves and the constant desire for heated seats. This wonderful season is loved by many, as students finally get to break out their scarfs, sweaters and steaming cups of apple cider. However, all these signs also point to the impending end of a semester, which means it’s only a matter of time before the dreaded dead week arrives. Now before you start blaming me for ruining your day, I bring good news too. So hold on to your Ugg boots and Starbucks mocha-latte-breves, because here are the different ways that ten NNU students overcome the troubles of dead week.

Step one: Donate non-vital organ. Step two: Use recovery time to study … or procrastinate. Or, if that isn’t your style, switch majors to philosophy.
—Brent Conrad (pre-med major, class of 2016)

Lots of power naps to compensate for the inevitable and numerous sleepless nights … and lots of coffee!
—Katie Swanson (graphic design major, class of 2016)

"Cry a little, and eat lots of snacks."

Drink lots of coffee! And don’t look at your grades, because at that point it’s probably too late.
—Savanah Edwards (pre-med major, class of 2016)

Procrastinate. That way, once it comes down to it, you have to get it all done.
—Jacob Bottles (applied studies major, class of 2016)

Become a hermit. Shut yourself away from people to limit your distractions.
—John Eaton (pre-physical therapy major, class of 2016)

Cry a little, and eat lots of snacks.
—Rachel Bryant (pre-med major, class of 2016)

Calculate your grades ahead of time so you know which classes are a lost cause and for which ones there is still hope.
—Noah Hills (English major, class of 2016)

Be spontaneous with breaks and do something fun to take your mind off of things. And make sure you don’t skip meals. Gotta get those Wheaties in!
—Lindi Burgeson (nursing major, class of 2017)

I make sure to stay on top of my work and get everything done ahead of time, so dead week and finals week are actually two of my easiest weeks. The downside is that while I’m free, everyone else is busy!
—Carly Gilmore (English major, class of 2017)

Have a dead week music playlist ready to go. Mine has to include Vivaldi, Mozart, Yiruma, Beethoven, and Tchaikovsky. It’s also important to have a specific study location picked out. There’s a few criteria I always look for. First, it can’t be in a high traffic area. Second, it can’t be near a bed. Third, pick a spot where coffee is always within reach.
—Tyler Hemphill (chemistry major, class of 2017)

At this point, all your fears of dead week should be eliminated. Clearly there are numerous ways to deal with the ebbs and flows of a closing semester, ranging from straight-up apathy to pulling all-nighters and coffee binges. All that’s left for you to do is decide where you fall on that spectrum, and then make it happen.