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For the love of the game

October 20, 2015


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After returning from a mission trip to Masaya, Nicaragua, the lives of NNU baseball players Kaleb Dehaas (Coeur d’Alene, Idaho), Tate Glasgow (Portland, Ore.) and Tyler Marsh (Boise, Idaho) were deeply impacted. Tate, a communication science major, said, “This trip and the people of Nicaragua changed my life; it instilled a desire to help those in need, a want to travel, and a love for the Nica people. I will forever be grateful to the people of Nicaragua and the relationships I have developed with the host family that we stayed with.” This trip was executed all on their own initiative, apart from NNU baseball.

After the amazing experience they had on the trip, the three seniors felt a continued call to serve the second poorest country in the western hemisphere, which led them to look for another way to assist.

Not long after they had returned, a brilliant idea struck them. They decided to send a batting cage to enrich the community that had impacted them, thereby combining their passion for baseball with their desire to serve. On their inspiration for this idea, Tyler, an engineering major, shared, “The children that we were able to play with were the main impacts that made us want to follow through with this idea. We played baseball with them almost every day or night that we were there”.

Tyler commented, “We came up with this idea after we got back and saw that we got a new backstop for the baseball program. There was no need for the old one anymore, so we thought it would be a great idea to send it to Nicaragua where baseball is their national sport”.

However, due to issues with communication and shipping costs, the three friends were unable to follow through with their original plan. Despite feeling lost and not knowing what to do with their raised funds, the boys still wanted to make a difference for the Nica people. After much prayer and consideration, a new idea came to them. During their initial mission trip to Masaya, the baseball players met a woman who started an English school for local children called The Hope of Learning. This is where they decided to send their money.

Kaleb commented, “This school meets in a church with a leaky roof and a dirt floor, but children still come everyday and fill the room with laughter and learning. Tate, Tyler, and I decided that she would be the best steward of our money and do with it as God willed in the lives of her students.” Because of the generosity of these NNU students and those who have supported their campaign, the children of the school now have tables to work on, chairs to sit in, and the leaks in the roof have been repaired.

As students continue to attend The Hope of Learning, they also begin to attend Sunday school in the same building. Many have even begun bringing their parents along to hear God’s word. Kaleb is overjoyed with the work this school teacher has done and commented, “It has been heartwarming to see the work she is doing in her community and the kingdom of God, we could not be happier with where God has led us to use this money!”