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Enabled to follow God's call

October 16, 2015


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Growing up as an Ethiopian refugee in Kenya, Habtam Asmeche spent a lot of time taking her mother to clinics and the hospital. These experiences were fraught with language barriers, communication challenges and a broken system, which marginalized the poor. This ignited in her a desire to become a medical doctor, which was a far-fetched dream for a girl who had very few resources and a stack of barriers before her.

Despite the challenges, Habtam was determined to better her situation with an education. “I made a list of all the Nazarene schools, and I wrote to them. I told them I was a good student and asked if there were any scholarships for someone like me. NNU wrote me back.

“When I got a scholarship, I thought, ‘I think I can still be a doctor. I don’t have a passport; I don’t have a plane ticket; I don’t have a birth certificate to get a passport or a country to get a passport from. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I think I’m going to do it.’”

Of her NNU experience, she reflects, “The fact that NNU encourages people to be socially responsible, to have Christ-like character, to be academically excellent—it meant so much to have those shared foundations. I can’t even express what NNU means to me.”

In 2013, Habtam graduated from NNU with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Although she couldn’t immediately apply for medical school since she didn’t have a green card, she stayed close to her passion by working as a medical translator for local hospital systems. She came full circle by translating specifically for refugees. “God came before me. He put the same factors in place that I had in the beginning when I had to interpret for my mom.”

On January 13, 2015—the same date that in 2007 she had submitted her transcripts to NNU in a dirt-floored cyber café in Kenya—Habtam went to an interview with University of Washington School of Medicine. She started school there in August.

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