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Corlett Hall’s extreme makeover

January 7, 2016


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by Melissa Smith, class of 2003

Generations of students have had the privilege of calling Corlett Hall “home.” In fact, of all the dorms I lived in during my years at NNU, I have to say that Corlett was my favorite. In Corlett we felt grown up—upperclassmen finally—we could cook our own food and lounge in our apartment-style rooms, enjoy the benefits of extended open house hours, and, with four people to a room, hang out with a roommate who wasn’t the one currently on your nerves.

In spite of its rust-orange window blinds and tiny bathrooms, I loved Corlett. It was a place where community truly came to life and I began to feel like NNU really was my home. This past summer the residence hall went through a renovation of its community space that officially moved Corlett to “awesome” status in my book. Some of the highlights for me are the private study rooms with white board walls; a large kitchen area able to accommodate the ever popular donut night (yes, that’s still a tradition); a homey living area complete with a two-sided fireplace to cuddle—I mean, study—around; and outdoor courtyards to host BBQ’s and dorm parties.

If you’re still not convinced that Corlett could get any better, see for yourself→