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Chaplains share this year's chapel theme

September 13, 2017


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The overall theme for chapel this year is compassion. “We are working with the idea that how we are to go in this world is by being compassionate people—this we believe to be one of the hallmarks of what it means to be Christlike in the world,” Dustin shared. Chaplains Dustin and Olivia Metcalf also want to tackle big questions concerning direction and passion with compassion. Chapel sessions on Mondays will be focused on compass, inciting the community of NNU to find direction through the gospel of John. On other days of chapel, speakers will preach about not only finding their calling, but also their discovery of learning to use these passions.

Guest speaker Mike Foster, who recently wrote the book People of the Second Chance, kicked off the theme by reminding us how compassionate God is to us and how Christians should be the compassionate people of second chances. “He reminds us that Christians should be the most compassionate people in the world because we know and have experienced the grace of God,” added Dustin. “We've been offered a second chance on life so we should be people who are offering the same to others.”

The community of NNU looks forward to hearing more about connecting the world compassion through the love and grace of God. There is much to learn in chapel this year, and it will be amazing to see what God has in store for our campus. Special events to look out for this fall is Mangum Mission Series (September 27 & 29), Compassion Experience (October 4-8), and Fall Revival (October 16-20).

“We believe this could be a powerful year for our community and are praying that in a divided world NNU could be a place that embodies the love and grace of God,” Dustin said, “that we would be a people of compassion.”