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Campus offers opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment

May 8, 2015

by Grant Miller, Director of Community Life

As the Director of Community Life, I often hear prospective students and their families talk about plans for college living arrangements. At NNU, we pride ourselves on offering a strong residential campus experience. The vast majority of our traditional undergraduate students live in the dorms and apartments we offer for on-campus housing.

Because of our commitment to making our residential community a meaningful experience for our students, we keep room and board costs low. We have not increased the cost of on-campus living for three years in a row. Compared to our local neighborhood, NNU housing is nearly always more affordable than paying for rent in a local apartment, plus we offer a variety of benefits off-campus housing does not.

"Our aim is to create a safe learning environment where students can blossom and flourish."

NNU’s campus is a very safe and secure place for our students. Each residence hall and most of the buildings on campus employ a keyless entry system that gives building access to pre-approved users exclusively. Residence hall doors are locked at all times and only opened by an proximity chip in the student’s ID card. Students are also given a physical key to their specific room, and upper-class resident assistants live on every floor to help create a safe and encouraging living space. Our campus safety team operates around the clock, patrolling campus and parking lots through the night. They are even available to escort students across campus should their assistance be desired. NNU’s campus security office is also a sub-station of the Nampa Police Department. Incidents on our campus are few and far between because we take campus safety very seriously. NNU’s ninety acre campus is statistically the safest area in the city of Nampa.

From a philosophical standpoint, NNU positions students for success by creating habits of safe and healthy living. News today is filled with discussions of sexual violence, hazing, and unethical behavior on college campuses. Many of these awful problems occur because of alcohol abuse and, to a lesser extent, Greek systems. The National Institute of Justice estimates that 90% of college rape cases involve the abuse of alcohol. While I don’t have the hubris or ignorance to claim that alcohol is totally absent from student life at NNU, our lifestyle policy requires employees and students to abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs. Additionally, we do not offer a Greek system. We instituted these policies to create a safe learning environment where students can blossom and flourish.

Numerous studies from universities across the nation indicate that students who live on campus enjoy a more rewarding and successful college experience. Research reveals that on-campus students earn higher grades, are less likely to drop out, are more likely to graduate in four years, become more involved with extracurricular activities, and take more advantage of on-campus services like free academic tutoring, counseling, and health services.

Our campus community is specifically designed to give students the opportunity to learn and grow in a socially, spiritually, and physically safe environment. We believe students learn best where they feel safe. By living on campus, students receive the best benefits NNU has to offer.