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A different kind of church

February 5, 2015


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“I thought, ‘could we do a different church to reach different people?’” Kenton Lee, graduate of the Master of Divinity in Missional Leadership program, says of his calling to start The Table Church, a church plant in his north Nampa neighborhood.

The M.Div. program helped Kenton match his skill-set with the work of God. “The professors, the class discussions, everything we're reading is about this mission of God, and helping you figure out how you fit into the mission of God." Fitting into that mission has transformed Kenton and the Church in the process.

‚ÄčKenton’s call to extend the mission of God in innovative ways doesn’t stop with the church he pastors. He is also the executive director of Because International, a non-profit organization dedicated to easing extreme poverty through innovation. Learn more at becauseinternational.org.