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Messenger Winter 2019

Opening thoughts

Winter 2019

When I began this role in late August 2017, I was told it was time to begin speaking of our strengths—especially in academics—and to stop being inappropriately humble, to be bold in describing who we are. I took that as both a challenge and a directive. And so, the journey to boldness began.

Since 1913, NNU has remained unchanged at our very core, and yet we continue to change. Continue to adjust. Continue to sharpen our focus on the ever-evolving horizon. We are not content to remain the same. We are unwilling to grow stagnant. To not be moving forward is synonymous with going backward, and backward is unacceptable. We find it somewhat nauseating to settle for business as usual; therefore, we choose to be bold in our claims of who we are.


We are proud that our students not only learn from experts, but also from each other. Living in community with people who live out their Christian faith and are committed to serving others is just who NNU is. We believe the world can be a better place. Each day our graduates are making that happen: teaching, healing, innovating, researching, preaching, caring and serving in communities everywhere. We are grateful for our rich heritage, but we’ve got our eyes on the future, too—a future all of us will help create. We’re not just here; we’re here for good!

Mark B. Cork
Associate Vice President, 
Marketing & Communications

our strengths

Winter 2019

Alumna Carrie Hays reflects on the Strengths Perspective 
as a foundation for helping others achieve their potential.


Winter 2019

Alumnus Jonathan Borges shares his journey 
through rough waters to a faith in Christ and a home at NNU.

Around the world and back 
for good

Winter 2019

David Hille was inspired by his experience as a student to return to NNU as a professor

Letters to my freshman self

Winter 2019

Dual-sport athlete in track & field and basketball 
Ellie Logan (Fossil, Oregon) graduated with a biology degree summer 2018. Now pursuing her MBA, she reflects on her journey at NNU and the process of constantly growing and learning.

Building for good

Winter 2019

Long-time coach and professor Roger Schmidt leaves a legacy throughout the campus.

Political science student Jessica Charles carries lessons 
from NNU with her to law school and beyond

Winter 2019

Political science student Jessica Charles carries lessons from NNU with her to law school and beyond.

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