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Messenger Summer 2018

Opening thoughts

Summer 2018

FOUR WORDS. Four Values. One Message. One NNU! Transformation. Truth. Community. Service.

These four words are not terribly uncommon, nor are they world-changing in and of themselves. However, in the context of all that happens at Northwest Nazarene University, they truly work together, enabling students to become God’s creative and redemptive agents in the world.


As you read these pages, I pray that you too will be moved and inspired by these stories, and I hope that you take the opportunity to reflect on the ways that you are in service to others.


Joel Pearsall

Joel K. Pearsall

Loving the hopeless

Summer 2018

Alumnus Ron Stueckle advocates for at-risk children as co-founder of the 2017 California Non-Profit of the Year, Sunset Youth Services. “We've made it our mission at Sunset Youth Services to target the most vulnerable of these teens and young adults—those left behind by families, schools, the courts and even churches.”

Serving the nations

Summer 2018

McCrea Nirider shares what she learned as a modern disciple, serving in 11 countries in 11 months with the World Race. “Jesus tells his disciples, past and present, to give away love lavishly, to use gifts and authority and preparedness to serve practically, and to find solutions to address the brokenness around us.”

Choosing God’s story

Summer 2018

Alumnus of the Year Scott Daniels shares how he found his identity in service to Christ. "We were all desperately trying to find an identity through various experiences, while our truest sense of identity (that found only in Jesus) was waiting to be developed through commitment and service to Christ and his kingdom."

Facing down trials

Summer 2018

Student-athlete Jackie Mahowald inspires many by overcoming devastating circumstances. "Through every battle she has faced, from losing her mom and going through cancer herself, to having to leave college, her faith in Jesus never ceased to grow."

Engineering with a purpose

Summer 2018

After seeing the effect NNU on a Mission had in Papua New Guinea, Josiah Radcliffe chose to attend NNU and lead a similar engineering service project in Myanmar.

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