NNU News

Grants fund student-faculty research in the sciences

October 16, 2014

Working on significant research in the sciences under faculty active in their fields is a unique opportunity for undergraduate students at NNU. These research projects are made possible by grants from foundations that recognize the potential of NNU students and faculty to make significant contributions to the body of knowledge in their fields and to improve the lives of people with their discoveries.

Transforming Idaho education

September 22, 2014

The NNU Doceo Center exists to inspire personalized learning in pre-school through college-level classrooms by use of innovative practices in education. “The mission of the Center is the same as that of the university,” Kellerer explains. “We’re seeking transformation both on and off campus.”

Undergraduate research fellowships

August 11, 2014

Whether you are going to become a doctor or a computer scientist, NNU offers an invaluable opportunity to gain real research experience in your field through the academic tradition of research fellowships.