NNU News

International students discover a community of belonging

December 19, 2014

Jane Zhang, a junior business administration and global business double major from a small town in China, says "my dear friend professor Kathy Burns....is one of the very special people that showed me how wonderful this community is and how God works in each person's life."

Innovative delivery for enhanced learning

December 15, 2014

NNU is thrilled to reintroduce it's Master of Education degree in curriculum and instruction as a fully online program with an innovative support model and a new focus on global education. The new M.Ed. in Curriculum, Instruction and Innovation combines all the things students have loved about the program with enhancements that make it more accessible and challenging than ever before.

Killing off MRSA, the super bacteria

November 25, 2014

In the fields of biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering and physics, 11 Northwest Nazarene University professors guided 36 students through a summer of research this last June, July and August. One of those projects involved the battle against MRSA (pronounced Mursa)–the super bacteria.

Dr. Ben Earwicker receives Idaho State Foreign Language Teacher of the Year Award

November 19, 2014

Dr. Ben Earwicker, professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies and chair of NNU’s Department of Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice as well as chair of the Department of Language, Literature and Culture was named Idaho State Foreign Language Teacher of the Year by the the Idaho Association of Teachers of Languages and Cultures (IATLC)

Computer science student creates popular app to support youth pastors

October 3, 2014

Senior Reagan Keeler put his technical skills to work meeting a ministry need by developing the popular app Youth Ministry Tracker that is changing the way youth pastors manage the logistics of their ministries.

New faculty eager to challenge and nurture

September 30, 2014

NNU is pleased to welcome 15 new faculty to campus this fall. ​In addition to the academic positions they assume, these individuals may also be found in their lesser-known roles of landscape artist, world traveler, martial arts teacher, photographer, couch potato, musician, outdoor enthusiast and horse whisperer, to name a few.

Expanding online outreach

September 22, 2014

For the first time, students have another way to become part of the NNU community—one that is more flexible and accessible than NNU has ever been able to offer before. This fall marked the launch of NNU’s first fully online bachelor’s degree for traditional students.

A dream made reality

September 1, 2014

Paulo Salvador, a 2014 graduate, had an incredible four years at NNU. He was one of five graduates of NNU’s first class of engineering majors; he researched on projects ranging from crop monitoring with drones to building a rehabilitation machine for a paraplegic girl; and this fall he is beginning the journey towards a Ph.D. in aerospace engineering.

Undergraduate research fellowships

August 11, 2014

Whether you are going to become a doctor or a computer scientist, NNU offers an invaluable opportunity to gain real research experience in your field through the academic tradition of research fellowships.

NNU students attend the Hemingway Symposium in Sun Valley, Idaho

May 27, 2014

Sun Valley, Idaho, home of movie stars, a world-class ski resort and a rich history (first ski lift was invented here and Ernest Hemingway is buried here) is less than a three hour drive from the NNU campus. This popular recreational and cultural destination offers NNU students a great weekend getaway but also unique academic opportunities.