NNU News

How we give financial aid at NNU

February 5, 2016

Financial aid reduces how much of the college cost you are responsible for paying, but navigating through the world of scholarships, grants and loans can be difficult. The first step to defraying the price of college is being well informed about the process. Let us help!

The Encounter Movement

February 2, 2016

There are many active, church-led services and ministry opportunities available to NNU students close to campus. The Encounter Movement, formed by Eagle Nazarene Church, is one such service led by NNU students and alums who are anxious to put their faith and education to work as transformative agents in the world.

Advice from pastors on the Northwest Region

February 1, 2016

We reached out to pastors on the Northwest Region to ask them what their advice would be to students seeking transformation in their relationships in Christ in the new year. The response was phenomenal! So many, in fact, that we couldn’t fit them all in one place. We think the advice they gave is relevant no matter what age you are or where you’re at in your walk.

NNU is pleased to present "Guys and Dolls"

February 1, 2016

Set in the heart of New York City, “Guys and Dolls” is a story about redemption. By the end, when bets and love seem at odds, the characters are forced to question their priorities and—hopefully—choose to make things right.

Skip New Year’s resolutions for a transformative lifestyle

January 29, 2016

Senior biology major John Eaton shares his thoughts on New Year's resolutions versus daily dedication to a goal. “Every day you wake up with a choice and a chance for a new resolution." This is the lifestyle that John has chosen to live and one he encourages others to choose as well.

Opportunities for change: summer mission trips

January 27, 2016

Each summer, Northwest Nazarene University sends out faculty and students to make a difference in people’s lives around the globe. This summer five mission teams will be sent to serve in Poland, Liberia, Colombia, Haiti, and Kenya.

Five ways to engage and grow spiritually

January 22, 2016

"If any NNU student wants a community to grow spiritually with, they came to the right place—spiritual guidance and encouragement is bountiful here. There are tons of opportunities to engage in God’s word, to worship Christ, to leave comfort zones, to serve in the community and, in the process, to grow spiritually—you just need to know where to look."

What chapel means to me

January 20, 2016

Several students share their thoughts on the new chapel format. Through special speakers, local pastors, members of the campus community and denominational leaders, students are exploring and dialoguing about what it means to be a Christian in our world.

Crusaders travel to Kenya to deliver Christmas gifts

January 19, 2016

Inspired by their coaches, Jake and Jenny Perry, seven current student-athletes and Northwest Nazarene alumnus Ashley Puga, volunteered their time this Christmas season to help Sean and Meredith Stewart with One 5 Ministries, and Andy and Jamie Fehr with Wordsower International.

Serving those who’ve served

January 7, 2016

Junior kinesiology major and student veteran Sandra Rollings shares her experience with NNU’s new Office of Veterans Services, and talks about her involvement in the Student Veterans Club.