NNU News

CubeSat design team receives third NASA Space Grant

October 16, 2015

The NNU research team, led by Dr. Stephen Parke and Dr. Joshua Griffin, is designing a new type of four-inch, cube-shaped satellite called a “CubeSat” to be fabricated and deployed into Earth’s orbit directly from the International Space Station (ISS). The funding supports four NNU undergraduate engineering student researchers, the costs of satellite construction, testing and travel.

Enabled to follow God's call

October 16, 2015

Growing up as an Ethiopian refugee in Kenya, Habtam Asmeche spent a lot of time taking her mother to clinics and the hospital. These experiences ignited in her a desire to become a medical doctor, which was a far-fetched dream for a girl who had very few resources and a stack of barriers before her.

An absurd evening of short comedies

October 14, 2015

Northwest Nazarene University is pleased to present “A Very Absurd Evening: Short Comedies by Eugene Ionesco and David Ives” through which the audience will get to explore the relationship between language, communication, rhythm, music and time.

One cast performs two versions of “The Odd Couple”

October 14, 2015

Having a roommate in college is tough enough, but when two adults try to share the same living space, their opposite natures clash. Watch the same cast create two hilarious versions as the men and women swap lead roles.

Homecoming & Family Weekend 2015 events of note

October 14, 2015

Plan to attend Homecoming & Family Weekend special events, including: a panel from the School of Theology & Christian Ministries on theologian Karl Barth, the gathering for your academic discipline, and Overtime—the student hosted after-game party.

Honors College Lecture Series presents Fredi Lajvardi

October 9, 2015

Mr. Lajvardi's talk, "Improbable to Unstoppable," will chronicle the actions of underprivileged, underfunded high school students in Phoenix, Arizona, and how they became engaged and challenged through his teaching in the field of robotics—so challenged that they defeated the likes of students from MIT three consecutive times at the national underwater robotics competition.

Continuing the Mission

September 28, 2015

Joel K. Pearsall has a long history with Northwest Nazarene University culminating now in his role as president. His willingness to serve the people of NNU will navigate the university the next two years.

Learning from experience

September 28, 2015

Studies show that students who participate in experiential learning while at college are twice as likely to be engaged at work. At NNU, opportunities abound for students to apply their studies to the real world.

Designing to make the world a better place

September 28, 2015

NNU engineering students enhance their marketable skills and learn the importance of making a difference in people’s lives.

Making industry connections

September 28, 2015

Through the Contemporary Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee, NNU music majors get a taste of the music industry and leave with the connections they need to make their way in this highly competitive field.