NNU News

Breaking records

June 6, 2015

Payton Lewis set the bar high on his track & field career.The freshman from Nampa Christian High earned two NCAA Division II National Championships berths, won three Great Northwest Athletic Conference titles and set five school records during 2014-15.

Adventure awaits

June 5, 2015

NNU's outdoors club—Journeys Outfitting Co.—is on a mission to encourage and create adventure for the students of Northwest Nazarene University.

What is Cornerstone?

May 26, 2015

First-year NNU students are beginning to receive their fall course schedules. One of the most common questions among incoming first-year students and their parents is: “What’s Cornerstone?”

Parent and pastor Darren Reed shares his visit experience

May 22, 2015

Pastor Darren Reed of the Tehachapi Church of the Nazarene shares about his family's NNU visit experience as part of a sermon series on transformation.

Advice for parents from parents

May 21, 2015

During this transitional season of graduations, parents of both high school and college seniors are gearing up for more change. We asked parents of graduating NNU seniors to share some advice and perspective with parents of high school grads.

10 college services to utilize

May 8, 2015

When making a decision about what college to attend, it’s important to consider more than the academic majors a school offers. Remember to examine the supplementary services available to students—those may make the difference between collegiate failure and achievement. Here are some often overlooked services NNU offers to help students find success.

Senior engineering students leave NNU ready to succeed

May 8, 2015

The Northwest Nazarene University Department of Engineering and Physics can boast about their academic rigor, hands on experience and professional edge, but nothing speaks louder than students who graduate prepared for the countless opportunities that await them.

Summer bucket list for your high school senior

May 8, 2015

After diplomas are handed out and caps are tossed, when the open houses and parties have all died down, you have just a few short weeks left with your high school graduate. Here’s how to make the most of the days before college orientation.

Campus offers opportunity to learn and grow in a safe environment

May 8, 2015

Grant Miller, Director of Community Life, talks about the value of living on campus. "Our campus community is specifically designed to give students the opportunity to learn and grow in a socially, spiritually, and physically safe environment. We believe students learn best where they feel safe."

How to welcome home your college freshman

May 7, 2015

You can’t wait to see him again! That is, until he’s been home a week, leaving dishes in the sink and coming in at 2 a.m. The first time your college student returns can be challenging for both of you. Here are a few re-entry tips for welcoming your kid for the summer.